Star Wars Bathroom Accessories

Star Wars bathroom accessories are easy to make and a little creativity goes a long way. This is probably the easiest film franchise to imitate. Not only do you get a spaceship with some extra room inside, but it also has a wonderfully imaginative set of kitchen designs. Here’s some advice to help you do just that.

Simple. Start off with your basic five cup units. These will keep the sink perfectly dry so that any damage is kept to a minimum. In the movie they used the over-sized garbage can, but now you have much more choice. You can either use one to store some of the water for the shower or perhaps a two-cup container in the sink.

Another good idea is to replace the old bathtub. There’s no reason why a tub should have to be big. Get the same shape as the junk pod in Empire Strikes Back. This will give you a small space to place a towel stand and beepers and water pipe and shower. Add some cushions and you have a nice small bathroom.

Some other things to consider including some mini walk in showers. You can use them as fold out units for when you’re on the move. So you don’t have to remove yourself from the shower to move on to your favourite hot and cold spot. A wind storm can stop you getting wet and you can even make the inside of the door to the shower press up against the wall to create a barrier against the wind. An interesting idea is to make the curtain in the side of the bath to double up as the curtain.

Another cool touch is a mini toilet with a remote control to keep your home comfortable. The remote will turn on and off the lighting, turn the water on and off, adjust the temperature, rinse off and rinse and shower. One question that may come up is where to put these. Make sure you get the best value for your money. Maybe try to find a small tub to store the water for your bath.

Then again, maybe some of the equipment you use could be fitted with all water. You can have a rinse on the mini toilet and a spray to clean up any stains and have the whole thing washable. Of course the cost would be higher, but it would probably save you more money over the years.

You can still get creative with your bathroom accessories to fit in with the theme of your house. If you’re looking for some light hues to complement your home make sure you’re thinking dark blue. After all, the movie was all about the dark side.