Painting Indoor Concrete Floors

It is fairly easy to do painting indoor concrete floors. All you need is a paint roller, paint, primer, a good grout-to-concrete adhesion and you are ready to go. You just need to make sure that you have everything needed for this project in your garage or shed before you get started. The paint roller is the easiest way to get your job done.

Primers are what makes things so easy when it comes to this task. All you need to do is spray the concrete floor with a coat of primer and leave it to dry. You will want to wait about 48 hours so that the concrete will have had the chance to dry completely. After this time you will need to apply a coat of grout. This will help to keep your floors clean and looking great all year long.

Paint the floor you have chosen to be painted with a finish that you would like. Using a nice gloss paint will keep it looking great. A non-gloss paint will look just as nice if not better for this job. So take your time when choosing your paint.

Now that you have selected the color of paint that you will use you are ready to roll your brush onto the brush. Start on the higher areas of the concrete and let the paint dry. Then move on to the lower areas. Then continue along until you reach the edges of the concrete floor. Once you have finished rolling and brushing down you can start on the grout, making sure to coat evenly.

You will want to give the cement about a good amount of time to dry before you apply another coat. Now let the concrete to dry for at least one more day before moving on to the next step.

Paint the floor again with a fresh coat of paint. Make sure to only go over the surface that you are painting with. You can always paint over the area of the floor that you have already covered with grout. Do this by starting at the higher areas and working your way down to the lowest areas of the floor.

You will want to cover the floor with a good layer of grout to help hold it in place and to make it look a little bit nicer. You will want to start applying a second coat of grout to the floor after the first coat has set.