Nailing Hardwood Floors

Nailing hardwood floors can be an expensive, time consuming and aggravating job if you don’t have the right tools. If you haven’t done this job before, here’s a basic guide for anyone who wants to nail hardwood floors without ruining their house.

Before you start, you’ll need a piece of wood that is at least as long as your wooden floor is wide. Some people choose to install their floors with sheet or tile so the width will fit in the garage, but it’s possible to use an existing board that can be nicked. When installing the nail head, make sure it’s long enough to put in between the floor boards but not too long.

Nailing is best done on dry wood. If it’s wet, it could warp, bend or crack.

The first step is to pre-cut the floor boards to length and place them in your drill press. Then you drill a hole down the center of the board and thread it through the hole.

Be sure to drive the drill right down through the boards to prevent chips from being driven into the wood. In case the wood bends while you are drilling, just take the extra measure of snapping off a small piece of the nailing wire with a pair of pliers and fill the hole with glue.

After you have positioned the boards in the holes, hammer in a few nails into the boards. After a few nails, re-position the boards, again hammering in a few more nails. To keep the boards from moving in your hands, try to angle the hole with your hands.

Nailing hardwood floors is very easy and will cost you next to nothing. It only takes a little time and patience and your floors will look professional and last for years. If you’re ready to start nailing, start looking around your house for the right wood, make the small investment in tools and get ready to have some fun!