How To Clean Porcelain Tile Floors

A variety of methods are available for cleaning porcelain tile floors. The cleaner must be skilled and cautious because tile floor stains are highly susceptible to water, oil, grease, and chemical agents. Even light spills can cause problems for a long time. Before hiring a cleaning company, it is essential to decide the methods that work best for your tile cleaning needs.

Professional cleaning is the low cost option. This means that specialized cleaning products should be used in order to get clean floors. Water must be carefully monitored in order to avoid damage to the flooring. The floor will then need to be mended after the treatment. Such services are usually pricey and are often a last resort for homeowners who have limited budget.

On the other hand, using a professional method is an expensive option. Depending on the type of cleaner, the professional may charge a certain amount per job. Usually, this amount includes the time the cleaner takes to complete the job. Cleaning a tile floor with a company that charges by the hour will still only be as effective as the actual time of the work. The professional price will often depend on the specific brand and model of tile cleaner.

For homeowners that cannot afford the cleaning service, a cheap alternative can be found. In most cases, consumers don’t want to pay for services that they can do at home. Therefore, homeowners can choose one of the simple solutions to clean floors. These methods include soaking the flooring in ammonia or baking soda.

Although these steps do not require professional expertise, they can make residential cleaning much easier. These two simple methods can be done at home while their effect is still very powerful. The hard surface of the floor can be covered by a layer of paper, wax, or laundry detergent. In a few hours, the floor will be as clean as when it was treated professionally.

Another technique is the use of a sanitize solution. Ammonia soak should be done on the floor daily. The soak is then followed by wiping the floor with a scrub brush. Another easy method is the use of a degreaser. A mixture of three parts vinegar and one part water is mixed in order to clean floors. This can be used every day and usually leaves the floor completely clean and free from stains.

There are other options for how to clean porcelain tile floors. These methods do not take too much time and are not very expensive. With a little patience and some basic knowledge, homeowners can clean tile floors with these methods as well.