Hobo Bathroom Vanities

Though it may sound a bit strange to say, I am a fan of using people’s junk as bathroom vanities. For instance, when we were in the planning stages of our home renovation project, I started considering the options for building the bathroom and I wanted a bathroom vanity that would match the rest of the decor in the house.

We had the opportunity to visit our local shop and I asked if they had any ideas or recommendations on how to build our own bathroom vanities. One shop said that it was possible to build the vanity with the help of plywood, but this was very expensive and cumbersome, especially if we want to make it a smaller vanity. I decided to move away from this store and I came across the concept of using a woodworking kit as a remodeling aid.

As I started searching for a kit to make my own hobo vanity, I found several that you can purchase online and at any home improvement store. After experimenting a bit, I found out that I liked the hobo bathroom vanities, and also that you can install them in a lot of ways, for instance you can put them above the toilet, you can glue them onto the wall, etc.

For these hobo bathroom vanity kits, you will need a basic knowledge about plywood and woodworking. Here are some tips on how to build your own hobo vanity without spending a fortune and also without hurting your self-esteem too much.

To begin with, make a handy dandy list of things that you really need. This list will help you in future and for that you have to plan well. The first thing you have to do is to draw a rough sketch of what you are going to do.

The second thing that you have to do is to think what materials you need to buy and where you will place them. Then, decide if you want the vanity above the toilet, on the wall, beneath the toilet, etc. You can also put the vanity at the foot of the toilet. The last thing that you have to do is to decide if you want to attach the vanity at all, or if you would prefer to have an attachment that can hang it to the ceiling.

After you have done all the pre-planning work and set your priorities, you can start shopping for the bathroom vanity. Go online and compare several choices to find out which one fits your needs the best.