Bathroom Vanity 48 Inches Single Sink

An hour ago, I sat in a new bathroom vanity that sat eight feet off the floor. The vanity had five seats and was equipped with four pedestals. The pedestals were constructed from granite and each seat had a stainless steel, porcelain inlaid seat. Some of the seats were of a very elegant style and they were crafted out of solid wood.

That vanity was surprisingly inviting and extremely spacious. The basin was large enough to accommodate a simple soap bowl or a shaving mirror. In case there were a few things to wash I could just slide the basin out from the side of the vanity and wash the things in there.

The vanity came with a beautiful undermount sink. It is made of cast iron and the sink actually sits on top of it. There are two taps on the vanity and the sink is able to be raised to a level that the cabinet below would sit on. The tub is a full length shower which has a slot for the standard toilet plunger.

The counter top is incredibly beautiful. It is cast iron with stainless steel inlays. It is a raised shelf with many grooves so that the soap, shampoo, etc can easily be held. This shelf also holds the toilet paper holder that sits inside the wall cavity.

The vanity itself is not that expensive. It is constructed from MDF which is great because it is very lightweight and can be hammered easily. It looks and feels great and certainly makes an impression when it is attached to the wall.

It took some time to decide on the type of sink. We decided that we wanted the more traditional ceramic vanity, however porcelain or a chrome sink was less expensive. After a quick search online we found a website that sells all types of sinks including porcelain, chrome, bronze, granite, and many others. They also sell vinyl sinks.

The company has produced several different styles of vanity and we decided on the porcelain vanity because it looked great. We thought about getting a bathtub but decided against it because we liked the sink so much. We have used this sink for several years and really like it.