15 Inch Depth Bathroom Vanity

When you think of a bathroom vanity, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a chest-style type that is designed to hold many items. Unfortunately, this will not fit in the available space for a contemporary bathroom. With a deeper bathroom, the modern vanity designs that can be used now have to make more room. However, these things still need to fit in the space and not be a negative in terms of being used or as a focal point.

The shallow depth vanity is often the first look at for a bathroom. This is because it works best in small spaces with limited space and comes with a lot of frills but very little use. There are some lovely styles of shallow depth bathroom with many different choices for its materials and decor.

In some cases, the shallow depth can be utilized for smaller pieces like a serving bowl, some mirrors, etc. The narrow design gives this vanity the feel of the intimate bathroom.

A few other wonderful items that can be used in the shallow depth of a bathroom include a hanging basin, a bath mirror and sometimes even a hair dryer. In this design, the vanity does not need a sink and a pedestal base. The high height and lack of sink make for a unique bathroom that is both beautiful and functional.

If you do not want the high space of a shallow depth, you can look into modern vanity designs that include a walk in the cabinet, a pedestal with a sink and maybe even a room divider. These modern cabinets are very functional and elegant.

When you go to buy a shallow depth bathroom vanity, you will also need to consider your overall budget. In some cases, you can get a great deep vanity for a lower price. Some of the online stores will offer deep vanity sets for great savings on the regular priced models.

Finding the right bathroom vanity is important for a modern bathroom. No matter what style you decide on, with it’s contemporary or traditional design, you will find that it fits perfectly in your new space.